27 Fantastic Vectors

Vectors are really impressive forms of art, which have been painstakingly designed to perfection. So we have collected 27 fantastic vectors for you to check out, we took them straight from Deviant Art.

Clicking the images will take you to deviant art page for the vector.



24 Comments to “27 Fantastic Vectors”

#1 Posted by Filischi (25.05.09 at 14:10 )

One day the vector’ll kill the pixel?

#2 Posted by worekarolis (25.05.09 at 15:11 )

Only few are real vector jobs. Many of pictures are just traces with corection…

#3 Posted by SuxXarD (26.05.09 at 00:38 )

I agree with worekarolis, MOST of these are just live-traces, not vectors.

#4 Posted by Gratis (26.05.09 at 09:39 )

Whow! Very nice. Very hard to make I think.

#5 Posted by deeedy (26.05.09 at 16:16 )


#6 Posted by Bony Yousuf (26.05.09 at 16:44 )

wow nice artwork man!! really amazing work
was stumblingupon. gave a thumbs up… 😀

#7 Posted by xxdanlongxx (27.05.09 at 06:14 )

@ SuxXard Live trace is vector.

How can you guys say that these are live traced……you show me one of those that even remotely looks live traced. I think the artists spent tons of time using the pen tool. All of those are GREAT! I especially love the style of the James Hetfield! The dorky little kid is really cool 2!

#8 Posted by vegan_neph (27.05.09 at 17:02 )

@ xxdanlongxx: Live trace is not “vector.” It can be expanded into vector art, but by nature it is not.

And yes, most of these have been live traced with CORRECTION (as worekarolis said).

The good ones that weren’t live traced were made with the mesh tool, not the pen tool (with the exception of the outside shape and maybe some detail elements).

Regardless, they’re aesthetically pleasing, there’s just some smoke and mirrors involved in most cases.

#9 Posted by xxdanlongxx (27.05.09 at 19:26 )

@vegan_neph If you use the live trace feature in Adobe Illustrator…of course it turns it into a vector. You say they used the mesh tool…..how do you think they made the shapes to put a mesh on…the pen tool of course…
If you think that all this stuff is made with live trace, I would like to see YOU make an illustration that awesome!

#10 Posted by czepeda (28.05.09 at 03:51 )

Wow bunch of haterz!

This are great pieces of work.

#11 Posted by Anon (28.05.09 at 04:36 )

Last one completely ruined it. Seriously. That was utterly pointless. It’s bloody ordinary. I mean, come on. Yuck.

#12 Posted by matthew (28.05.09 at 08:13 )

These are amazing. Thank you for sharing your art. If anyone else has tried this, they will know the amount of time and effort that it takes to generate such great pictures. Is there any tutorials on the banannas poster? Thanks.

#13 Posted by jontaro (28.05.09 at 15:20 )

stunning picture design i have never seen before.
i would realy like to have on my site.thank you.

#14 Posted by Bnon (28.05.09 at 18:56 )

Agree with: ”
Last one completely ruined it. Seriously. That was utterly pointless. It’s bloody ordinary. I mean, come on. Yuck.”

yeah srsly wtf

#15 Posted by Fahsion Dress (01.06.09 at 11:19 )

Cool collection! thanks for share!

#16 Posted by mike webdesigner (02.06.09 at 15:22 )

Just great!!!

#17 Posted by Nigro (02.06.09 at 18:34 )

Really great vectors! (unless Naruto… it’s sucks)

#18 Posted by tar (04.06.09 at 02:36 )

Third from the last has man-hands.

#19 Posted by larry (04.06.09 at 22:15 )

What the hell is with the last one? Is that one that your friend made or something, and he asked you to put it with the rest? It’s terrible.

#20 Posted by MostlyUnimpressed (08.06.09 at 05:45 )

Some of these were really great. Others showed skill, but were just mere copies of images without much originality. The last was a punch in the gut. It was completely and utterly unoriginal, required minimal skill, and overall sucked.

#21 Posted by MostlyUnimpressed (08.06.09 at 05:51 )

May I also add that, when I looked at the last work’s “creator’s” page, he admitted to merely tracing an already existing picture. Research more next time.

#22 Posted by Phaoloo (07.07.09 at 12:13 )

Awesome artworks!

#23 Posted by ManojSachwani (07.07.09 at 20:11 )

Great post man!! Loved the vectors!!

#24 Posted by hannahrampton (27.01.10 at 14:43 )

Mind blowing, now for another evening playing around trying to create anything remotely similar…. ;0)