55 Really Creative Logos

Logos can be really hard to design but the great ones tend to be really simple! So we have compiled a list of 55 logos which thought would help get your creative juices flowing.

8fish atack brand cakefilm chinuahua citydirect cloudbreak corecider dache disco edge eighteen elefont energyassessors evotweet fido flatland flirt foot getwired golfpark hawaii helloled highcontrast highroad hooked horrorfilms ironman liftoffice lockey loveboots marchingmutts marcpresenton monkey mosleep mouseuniverse neighbortree newsflash newwave pizzaexpress poseidonjobs redwagon remember seven silentmonkey sleepyeyes soundface swingstudios sync talkndumbell threesome turnleft urbangroove winekingdom winesearcher

This post was written by Thomas Hardy, he is a Newcastle based Web Designer/Developer.

31 Comments to “55 Really Creative Logos”

#1 Posted by wpheroes (14.05.09 at 23:16 )

Awesome list! Thanks!

#2 Posted by msnifadeleri (15.05.09 at 18:14 )

great logo works i’ve ever seen. Most of them has different font types.

#3 Posted by Fabian (17.05.09 at 01:40 )

Thank you Thomas for such a great list. Also for including two of mine “evotweet” and “neighbortree”, could you please place the designers name on the design and link it back to their portfolio. Cheer bro:)

#4 Posted by Thomas Hardy (17.05.09 at 02:13 )

Hey, glad your happy to be included, it was really good work.

I am might get round to linking them up but for now I just don’t have the time to link all the logos up as it would seem pointless only doing a couple.

#5 Posted by Joni (19.05.09 at 02:39 )

Wow, thanks for putting these together. Some great ideas here and it is amazing how simple some of these are – but so right for the company’s brand.

#6 Posted by marie (23.05.09 at 15:05 )

The best logos I’ve ever seen, they are so creative

#7 Posted by Face Anti Wrinkle (29.05.09 at 22:56 )

nice and creative logos… keep up the good work.

#8 Posted by hofri (07.06.09 at 19:07 )

fantastic work!!!

#9 Posted by Tabiji (08.06.09 at 01:45 )

Some are creative. Thanks.

#10 Posted by Gucci Mane (08.06.09 at 02:21 )

Excellent work, I especially like the marching mutts one.

#11 Posted by jobjar (09.06.09 at 19:30 )

Hi, love the logos, very inspirational. I am starting a recruitment company “jobjar”, anyone got any design ideas for it?

#12 Posted by bryanregencia.com (10.06.09 at 07:48 )

I think I’ve seen some of these logos at logopond ­čśë The CityDirect one is not being used, it’s just out of designer’s imagination. Good stuffs!

#13 Posted by Luiza Prado (19.06.09 at 04:39 )

Great!! xD

#14 Posted by Caitlin (19.06.09 at 13:53 )

I love these–they’re so creative! I especially like the horror films one–it reminds of the painting ‘The Scream’.

#15 Posted by Preto (23.06.09 at 04:27 )


#16 Posted by Tabitha Kristen (03.07.09 at 16:39 )

Very nice list. I LOVE atack and elefont

#17 Posted by fredkark (10.07.09 at 02:44 )

Checkout this clever logo

Designed by MOI 6 years ago..

I know, shameless plug! Sorry!

#18 Posted by avisioncame (11.07.09 at 19:05 )

A bunch of web 2.0 tripe. 10 years from now these will look so dated.

#19 Posted by Soxialize (10.08.09 at 17:08 )

One of the best collections of logos I have seen… very creative! My favorite is the LED logo… :)

#20 Posted by Bunnygotblog.com (13.08.09 at 16:01 )

These are very good logos.

#21 Posted by robb (19.08.09 at 06:24 )

excellent logos !!
disco is the best one imo.

#22 Posted by Yarat─▒c─▒ Logolar | Mert Kavi (23.08.09 at 16:15 )

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#23 Posted by ibi vaughan (07.09.09 at 22:45 )

Loving your work ALOT!!! Please share your talents with us on Globeupload.com and promote your portfolio, products and services.

Thanks guys


#24 Posted by Robert (18.09.09 at 10:45 )

Hot damn, I love the City Direct logo, so brilliant! stumbled…

#25 Posted by patrickd (21.09.09 at 10:46 )

neat logos i have seen, i love the “LED” :)

#26 Posted by gyo (25.10.09 at 22:30 )

awesome collection! it’s very hard to choose my favourite… thanks!

#27 Posted by Xtence (16.11.09 at 22:40 )

Nice man, great collection ! Keep up the good work!

#28 Posted by Free Traffic Guy (04.01.10 at 01:38 )

Awesome, I liked the Hawaaii logo.
Thanks for showing us this incredible collection.

#29 Posted by Aisle3 (22.01.10 at 14:08 )

They’re all so clever!

#30 Posted by rebeldesigner (22.01.10 at 14:08 )

How can you miss my logo…

a winner of logo of the month at http://logooftheday.com/2009-03-28-youth-forum/

#31 Posted by alone (22.01.10 at 14:24 )

Great list!!