How well do you know HTML, take our Quiz and see how you do. If you do well why not have a boast in the comments.

What does HTML stand for?

How do you add a comment into HTML?

What tag is used to create an unordered list?

What is the correct tag for the smallest heading?

What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?

What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

What is the correct tag for the largest heading?

Which input type would allow a reader to select several options from a list of possibilities?

What does XHTML stands for?

What character code would be used to create a < symbol?

What character code would be used to create a / symbol?

What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet?

What tag is used to create a Definition list?

What tag is used to define abbreviated words?

What tag is used to create a list item?

What tag is used to define a paragraph?

Which of the following isn't an feature/element from HTML5?

What is the <q> tag used for?

Which of the following is the correct use of the <title> tag?

25 Comments to “HTML Quiz”

#1 Posted by sFaisalAlim (10.06.09 at 14:26 )

WOW i am impressed: i got 18 out of 20. only two wrong. pat on my own back … hehehe

btw good quiz

#2 Posted by aaaaaaa (10.06.09 at 18:33 )

your quiz is somehow broken, it doesnt let you change answers, it stores what you first click…? very strange

#3 Posted by Joe (10.06.09 at 19:06 )

Even the own quiz doesn’t make use of proper html – halfway through, the list turned bold. Also, if you change your mind, it records the first value you selected.

#4 Posted by Dagnabbit (10.06.09 at 19:51 )

You should probably include a back button. I got lazy and just tried to finish the quiz as soon as I could, and remembered that h6 was the smallest tag (I originally went with the logic…greater the number, lower the size)

#5 Posted by xxdanlongxx (10.06.09 at 19:55 )

That was a great quiz! I did not score 100% though…argh! What a great brush up on my knowledge. I love taking quizzes. Please put up more!

#6 Posted by Thomas Hardy (10.06.09 at 21:15 )

Hi Joe, Johnny & Dagnabbit (I doubt that is your name though!),

Sorry you had errors, we had a tiny bit of a crash this afternoon which messed up our backend a little bit. It is all fixed now though.

#7 Posted by johnnywalker (10.06.09 at 21:16 )

5 wrong = 12 out of 20. Huh?

#8 Posted by lunatix (10.06.09 at 22:18 )

nice quizz
img question should add the alt attribute : it’s mandatory

#9 Posted by Eva (11.06.09 at 18:46 )

i took it too! a couple questions i had no clue about, like the html 5 one.

#10 Posted by Sander (12.06.09 at 07:30 )

20 / 20
Yes, nice quiz :-)

#11 Posted by Mike (12.06.09 at 07:56 )

Your quiz is fantastic, I got 19/20!

#12 Posted by Chris Graham (12.06.09 at 09:06 )

Nice little test :).

19/20. Didn’t know off-hand how to create a slash using an entity (not sure why I’d want to though).

There was a repeating mistake on:
“What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?”
“What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet?”
As actually the answers were showing XHTML (self-closing tag), and technically that’s invalid HTML.

#13 Posted by Tridib Samanta (12.06.09 at 09:32 )

Hurrah! I made 18 correct out of 20. But I realized that my HTML skill need to be upgraded like HTML 5. Great quiz. Thanks.

#14 Posted by Coon1981 (12.06.09 at 12:48 )

Ehm the radio buttons for “What is the correct tag for the smallest heading?” don’t work right…
I know I selected h7

So I was supposed to have all 20 right…

To be honest I guessed “Which of the following isn’t an feature/element from HTML5?” right.

Nice quiz

#15 Posted by tripalexan (12.06.09 at 13:39 )


#16 Posted by Mike (12.06.09 at 14:00 )

What tag is used to make text bold?

the answer should have been strong

#17 Posted by raphew (12.06.09 at 16:49 )

I got 17 out of 20. Not bad for thirty-something “Digital Dinasaur”.

#18 Posted by jhun (14.06.09 at 02:06 )

i got 16 over 20 nice quizz but i can see a bug in number 4, 8 , 10 , and 18 i check the right answer but its still wrong…

#19 Posted by joelvardy (15.06.09 at 17:56 )

damn I got 19 out of 20. I slipped up on comments, how basic! Oh well.
– Nice Quiz

#20 Posted by jordan (22.06.09 at 20:14 )

18/20. Got the / entity and html5 questions wrong. The only ones I hesitated on.

#21 Posted by ab (24.06.09 at 00:12 )

i got 14 out of 20, i can’t believe it i got the first q wrong i gues i was rushing :(

#22 Posted by Matt S (27.06.09 at 04:13 )

Nice quiz, I got 17 out of 20 *slaps forehead*. Although I wouldn’t have the tag question in there as it shouldn’t be used now.

#23 Posted by joginder (04.11.09 at 05:54 )


#24 Posted by predrag (02.02.10 at 13:40 )

i missed one…well done P.

#25 Posted by Savitha Prasad (12.02.10 at 13:26 )

I have scored 19 out of 19.