Over 120 Techies To Follow On Twitter

@thomasjhardy – Thomas Hardy from Web Designer Help

@webdesignerhelp – from Web Designer Help

@sixrevisions – Jacob Gube from Six Revisions

@hvdesigns – from HV-Designs

@webitect – Kayla frrom Webitect

@jankowarpspeed – Janko Jovanovic from Janko Warp Speed

@3mind – from 3mind

@CMDesignStudio – Chaim Mermel from CMDesignStudio

@w3c – from w3c

@iamFinch – Finch from Get Finch

@iTechITeasy – from Tech IT Easy

@ElanMan – Ben From ElanMan

@ScottS – Scott Spradlin from Geeks with Blogs

@Dizi_Designs – Helen Harris from Dizi Designs

@RobinofLoxley – Robin Loxley from Star Board Media

@DPBcreations – Darren Bale from dpbcreations

@ZigPress – Andy Towler from ZigPress

@notbanksy – Anthony Lane from Branch of Design

@rotnmango – from rotnmango

@fluidstudio – from Fluid Studio

@DuncanMacGregor – Duncan MacGregor from Duck on Water

@Wizely – John Broughton from Vivid Copy

@traxor – Luke Jones from Traxor Designs

@HelenGuttridge – from Helen Guttridge

@pixeldeath – Cerven Cotter from Pixel Death

@ColorBurned – Grant Friedman from Color Burned

@smashingmag – from Smashing Magazine

@ScottSampson – Scott Sampson from greyeddesign

@spongeproject – Rob Mason from Sponge Project

@ErisDS – from ErisDS

@webdesignforum – from webdesignforum

@yy1993 – Yan Yi Goh from Singapore

@josyah – Josyah from Pennesylvania


@lokide – lokide from Frankfurt am Main

@satellite7 – Jon Packman from satellite7

@zkinslow – Zac Klinslow from NevvrBord

@PrototypeSols – from PrototypeSols

@Wix – from Wix

@gattdesign – Sam Gatt from gattdesign

@wilgory – Gregory Wilson from wilgory

@rhdesign – Ryan Hicks from rhdesign

@LogoMoose – from LogoMoose

@qeremy – Karem from qeremy

@macfoo – Donna

@bioxnet – from bioxnet

@alexcollins – Alex Collins

@ChrisYoko – Chris Yoko from ChrisYoko

@CJCUK – Carmen Maidment from Carmen Maidment

@dazuk – Daz

@Full_Throttle – from Full Throttle

@alexhardy – Alex Hardy from alex-hardy


@chriscoyier – Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks

@Minervity – Richard Darekk from Minervity

@zee – Zee M Kane from zee

@dblencowe – Dave Blencowe

@webaddict – Joel Mackey from Open Press Wire

@tobybraunID – Toby Braun from tbid

@TheDudeDean – The Dude Dean from Florida

@leftlane – Shawn Hesketh from leftlane

@ddavidn – David Nettleton

@designcollector – from designcollector

@jkottke – Jason Kottke from Kottke

@WebWorkerDaily – from WebWorkerDaily


@soyrex – Alex Holt from soyrex

@Design Innovate

@colourlovers – from colourlovers

@9lessons – Srinivas Tamada from 9lessons

@line25blog – Chris Pooner from line25blog

@chrisspooner – from Spoon Graphics

@DesignerDepot – Walter Apai from WebDesignerDepot

@theleggett – David Legget from Tutorial 9

@sitepointdotcom – from Site Point

@seanHodge – Sean Hodge from Aiburn

@webdesignfanboy – from Web Design Fanboy

@iamolly – Oliver Mooney from 0lly

@020WebDesign – Sarah Edwards from 020WebDesign


@nitagale – Nita Gale

@naldzgraphics – Ronald Bein from Naldz Graphics

@davidairey – David Airey from David Airey

@actual idesign – Alison Rowan from actualidesign

@AcuityDesigns – Mel Ndiweni from Acuity Designs

@mayhemstudios – Calvin Lee from Mayhem Studios

@iBlend – from Interactive Blend

@webupd8 – from web upd8

@imjustcreative – Graham Smith from Im Just Creative

@DivineCSS – from DivineCSS


@webdesignledger – Henry from webdesignledger

@sunwukung – Marcos Kielly from Marcos K

@angstmann – Richard Angstmann from angstmann

@mmediadesigns – Diane Tremblay from Multi Media Designs

@adellecharles – Adelle Charles from Fuel Your Creativity

@nourayehia – from Noupe

@fudgegraphics – Franz Jeitz from Fudge Graphics

@designshard – Max Stanworth from Design Shard

@andysowards – Andy Sowards from Andy Sowards

@styletime – Roger Byrne from Social Media Fish

@AVVStudios – from AVVStudios

@japh – From Japh.com

@BoxedCss – from BoxedCSS

@bittbox – Jay Hilgert from bittbox

@3drockz – Navdeep Raj from Dezinerfolio

@Woork – Antonio Lupetti from Woork

@abduzeedo – Fabio Sasso from Abduzeedo

@EliteByDesign – Brian from Elite By Design

@10steps – from 10steps

@creattica – from Creattica

@problogdesign – Michael Martin from Pro Blog Design

@darkmotion – Pasquale D’Silva from Darkmotion

@ilovetypography – Jonho from I love typography

@danrubin – Dan Rubin from superfluouslife

@mydesignstudio – from Delicious Design

@chriswallace – Chris Wallace from Chris Wallace



@corkingdesign – Daniel Cork from Corking Design

@elliotjaystocks – Elliot Jay Stocks from Elliot Jay Stocks

@blogdesignblog – Vinh Le from Blog Design Blog

@Vectips – from Vectips

@Additive – Andrew Taylor from Additive

@mollydotcom – Molly E. Holzschlag from Molly

@webtech – Web Tech from Zmogo

@pearsonified – from pearsonified

@alexdesigns – Alex Harris from Alex Designs

@bartelme – from bartelme

@andyrutledge – Andy Rutledge from Andy Rutledge

@designmeme – Stuart Robinson from designmeme

@andrewkelly – Andrew Kelly from Pristine Pixels

If I missed you off the list feel free to leave a comment linking to your twitter account!

17 Comments to “Over 120 Techies To Follow On Twitter”

#1 Posted by Kimberly Beaven (25.06.09 at 17:36 )

A superb list — some new one I do need to check out for sure. Being a geek girl myself I might, ahem, leave my twitter info: @bluewavemedia

#2 Posted by sinsdesign (26.06.09 at 01:38 )

Great list to follow!! I have added almoust all of them!!! count me in @sinsdesign http://twitter.com/sinsdesign

#3 Posted by iThinkMedia (26.06.09 at 02:34 )

Thanks for the list, agree with Kimberly some new ones to follow – btw her Twitter is typed in wrong – it should be @bluewavemedia and you can find me at @iThinkMedia

#4 Posted by chadengle (26.06.09 at 02:35 )

Nice list! I know and follow a good chunk of them. I am quite a techie… I even write for an app site.


#5 Posted by Hong Kong Wong (29.06.09 at 00:55 )

Love the list! Thanks!


#6 Posted by shane (29.06.09 at 09:24 )

you should try @petemorley too good friend of mine :)

#7 Posted by Mahesh (29.06.09 at 09:42 )

Great List.. Thanks.. Following almost all of them.

Also follow me here. I blog about SEO, SEM, Tech!


#8 Posted by blazedd (29.06.09 at 20:09 )

Awesome list, just need an auto follow feature now! I thought these guys were techies 😉

Also follow me, a 17 year old web developer and designer

#9 Posted by brainofj (29.06.09 at 20:28 )

Excellent list. Already follow many, always looking for others.

Any are welcome to follow me as well; web design/dev, social media, branding, seo, etc.


#10 Posted by traxor (29.06.09 at 20:30 )

Thanks a lot!!

#11 Posted by cjweb (29.06.09 at 20:49 )

This is a great list! Thank you for putting it together.

I offer SEO and SMM in the Lehigh Valley, PA – Blu3Digital.


#12 Posted by yy1993 (05.07.09 at 12:45 )

LOL! I seldom post tech stuffs and my Twitter account is inside there. Thanks anyway.

#13 Posted by Achshar (01.08.09 at 18:32 )

hmmm nice list


#14 Posted by ekdesign (25.08.09 at 18:02 )

Love the list… thanks.

#15 Posted by karmafunk (12.11.09 at 15:09 )

Great list. How does one get on this list?

#16 Posted by geekscrap (21.01.10 at 23:29 )

I twit and blog on software development and sysadm.


#17 Posted by Advertising Marketing (18.02.10 at 19:12 )

Looks like I will be sorted next time I have problems with form scripts, thanks.