Over 80 Web Design Blogs To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool that almost all web designers use, it is a great way to share ideas and keep in touch with the design world. So we have selected 80 of the best web design related blogs twitter feed, so you can easily keep up to date with them all.


7 Comments to “Over 80 Web Design Blogs To Follow On Twitter”

#1 Posted by Ravi Vora (11.02.10 at 18:02 )

You forgot me! http://www.twitter.com/RaviVora

[shameless plug]

#2 Posted by Nina (11.02.10 at 20:12 )

Great list, thanks a lot for including me :)

#3 Posted by davidg (11.02.10 at 20:47 )

thanks for the mention!

#4 Posted by Brian Lovin (11.02.10 at 22:31 )

Thanks for including Elite By Design!

#5 Posted by Lou's Web Design (12.02.10 at 02:00 )

I’d love to be added to this list please http://twitter.com/SOCFX

Keep up the good work,


#6 Posted by Chris Olbekson (15.02.10 at 10:00 )

Good list, I love Twitter and have learned so much from some of the designers listed here. You can also follow me at http://twitter.com/chris_olbekson

#7 Posted by Lucas Cobb (18.02.10 at 17:25 )

Add me too. @lucascobbdesign – there are some great names up there to follow. Perfect list.